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Associate professor – Université de Montréal

  • Ph.D in Sociology, Sciences-po Paris (2004)
  • Associate Professor – EHESS (temporary leave)


  • Telephone: 514-343-7157, PAV.M.CARON-L.GROULX-3200 J.B. Pav.\ Room C-5120

I also have the following duties and responsibilities:

. HHEADERolder of the Canada Research Chair in Social Inequality and the Life Course. In addition to academic works, the Chair is also responsible for the blog entitled:, which publishes students and researchers’ articles, as well as meetings and visual arts work, dealing with the issue of social inequality and the life course.

. Member of the editorial board for the journal entitled « Sociologie » (PUF)
. Member of CREMIS (Montreal Research Centre on Social Inequalities, Discrimination and Alternative Practices of Citizenship)
. Member of l’Observatoire Jeunesses et sociétés (INRS)
. Member of Population Change and Life Course Strategic Knowledge Cluster 
. Associate member at Centre Maurice Halbwachs (CNRS/EHESS/ENS)
. Member of the Franco-British Council

. Chair of the « Collège scientifique de l’Observatoire National de la Vie Etudiante », France (2012-2014)
. Assistant Director of the « Centre Maurice Halbwachs » (CNRS/ENS/EHESS) (2010-2012)
. Assistant Director of Masters’ and Phd Training in Sociology – Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales (2008-2013)
. Co-director of the network « Jeunesses, âges de la vie, génération » de l’Association française de Sociologie (2005-2011)

separationResearch Expertise

240_F_94944219_vVWqj6JhXeSY1DqaGs9auViCOSwirjVcMy body of work sheds a light on the plight of youth, the shifts in age structure, and the evolution of relationships between generations. I have a particular interest in these topics in relation to international standards, in order to better identify the dimensions of our life paths that converge across borders and how inequalities reconstruct it. As well, I have written several journal articles, chapters and books, namely « Becoming Adult. Comparative Sociology of Youth in Europe» (2008), as well as « Sociology of the Life Course » (2015). In my various surveys, I am now attempting to answer the basic question : what are the consequences of the crisis and austerity policies on the conduct of our lives, as well as the inequalities affecting them? On this point, I am currently in the process of finalizing research relating to the « anger » of the XXI century and its social significance. My ultimate goal is to better pinpoint the new social tensions that have affected the path of the younger generations since the crisis, both in terms of politics and citizenship.

jeunesausterite– Youth, ages, generations, inequality

– International comparisons

– Mixed methods : statistics, interviews, ethnography

cropped-panneau-routier.jpgOngoing Projects


  • Angers” : comparative survey on social mobilizations of youth and representations of inequalities between generations (Paris, Madrid, Montréal, Santiago du Chili, Hong-Kong).
  • folon3Solitude” : survey dealing with the issues of loneliness through the various stages of life. This research merited the Senior Prize in research for the Red Cross / Social Bond Foundation – April 2013.

Livre-blanc-entreprise-personal-brandingMain publications

Complete List of Publications : here

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Academic works and Journals :

  • rfsCamille Peugny, Cécile Van de Velde (dir.), « Repenser les inégalités entre générations »(« Rethinking Inter-generational Inequalities»), Revue Française de Sociologie, Numéro spécial, vol. 54, n.4, décembre 2013 (numéro traduit en anglais).
  • PolitiquesJeunesseValérie Becquet, Patricia Loncle, Cécile Van de Velde (dir.), Politiques de jeunesse : le grand malentendu (Youth Policies: the Great Misunderstanding), Editions Le Champ Social, 2010, collection Questions de Société, 2012, 244 p.
  • Agora49couv72-f4076Cécile Van de Velde (dir.),  « Entre les âges » (« Between the Ages»), Agora Débats/Jeunesses, Dossier spécial, n.47, janvier 2009.

panneau Selected Texts in English

  • Separations : the Female Perspective, Review of François de Singly’s book, “Séparée. Vivre l’expérience de la rupture” (Paris, Armand Colin 2011), Books and Ideas, 29 octobre 2012.

Reviews of the book “Devenir adulte” (PUF, 2008)


  • No Generational GapEuropa, Dossier Eurocities 2012, propos recueillis par Emmanuel Lemoine, novembre 2012.
  • The Importance of Being Adult / Devenir adulte, la belle affaire, Press Europ, propos recueilli par Matias Guerrido, 30 octobre 2009 (Entretien initialement publié sur Café, 28 janvier 2009).

indignes sol Selected Texts in Spanish and Catalan


images-9 Texts in Italian

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